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The pitfalls of researching contractors and products on the internet.
Cyber-Bully: a person or organization that purposely misleads consumers as to the quality of a product or service by manipulating search engines or providing fictitious negative content. I know of a company that has had some serious issues which have put them at the disadvantage of their competitors. Instead of resolving the issues, they [read more...]

Gutter Protection is Not Ice Protection
This time of year is a major challenge for gutter cover contractors in the northern climate. With the onset of winter, service issues arise from angry homeowners complaining of the formation of icicles in areas that never used to have ice build-up. Without gutter protection, icicles on the gutter are caused by [read more...]

The Failure of the Cold Roof Concept
Snow melting off the roof causes glaciers of ice cascading down forming massive icicles commonly referred to as ice dams. Ice dams create a hazard from falling ice and refreezing ice melt on walkways. The roof and other structures of the home are damaged by water getting in cracks and openings and then [read more...]

Formation of Ice Dams
Itís that time of year again with plenty of snow and ice in the northern climates. It is also this time of year that home owners have to deal with the formation of ice dams and the damage and hazards that ice dams create. Ice dams are caused by snow melting down the roof and [read more...]

Trouble In The Roof Valley
The roof valley is where two sections of the roof come together. A roof valley acts like a funnel channeling large volumes of water at a high velocity. After the installation of gutter protection, water could overshoot the gutters at this point. And even without gutter covers, in a down pour, the [read more...]

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