Heater Cap has a proven track record of preventing ice build up in the gutters.

Roof damage is very common because of ice dams. The cup-like shape of the gutters forms an anchor for the ice to get up under the first row of shingles, which is the first line of defense for the roof. Ice pries up the shingles wrecking them, and water works its way through the roof into the attic and other structures. Eventually, the ice melts and causes water damage in the ceiling.

A properly installed Heater Cap system will melt the snow and ice on a continual basis eliminating hazards from falling ice and slipper walk ways. Heater Cap is the best solution for these problems.


Heated Gutters

Heater Cap is the best and safest solution to ice formation in gutters. It can be installed with or without gutter covers and also adapts to most existing gutter protection. Unlike the old "zig-zag' roof wires Heater Cap melts a much larger area with a heat dispersing plate.


The patented Heater Cap has several advantages:

  • Self regulating, heavily insulated, heat cables that don't get above 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter
  • A heat dispersing panel to go over the cable to spread the heat out to melt large amounts of snow or ice
  • The system is hardwired into its own separate circuit in the breaker box with a 20 or 30 amp GFI breakers with EPD (equipment protection device) components
  • Heater Cap can be mounted in just the gutters and down spouts, or on the roof if organic debris is not an issue
  • Heater Cap can be mounted on most metal panel gutter guards
  • Heater Cap has been installed by a network of dealers since 2003. As with anything electrical, we have had time to work out the bugs in the system

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